Festival Looks: Bubble Ponytail

How to create a bubble ponytail

Your guide to the perfect festival look

Kirsty-Anne Sage, CLOUD NINE Guest Artist demonstrates how to create a bubble ponytail using The Touch Iron

A step-by-step guide to the bubble ponytail

1. Select the preferred temperature setting on the Cloud Nine Touch Iron by tapping plates together. Part in the centre and section hair into two horizontal parts.

2. Taking thin sections, twist and pull The Touch Iron through the hair to curl.

3. Continue this curling technique around the head.

4. For messy texture, rake through the curls with hands.

5. Take random sized sections of hair and create a few plaits around the head. To give the plaits some width and texture separate using fingers.

6. Sweep hair into a low pony and secure with an elastic. Tie off 3 equal sections of the pony tail with elastic. Pinch and separate each section for more volume.

The CLOUD NINE Touch Iron