Innovative technology


CLOUD NINE gives you unstoppable results while reducing heat damage. We use innovative and exclusive technology and quality materials in every one of our products. So you never have to compromise on your hair’s health or style.

Works smarter. Not hotter.
When it comes to heat, less is more. So every CLOUD NINE tool features Variable Temperature Control. A range of heat settings. For a range of hair types. Meaning you can style at the safest temperature that works for you. Because no hair is the same. Lower heat. Higher shine. Hair that stays in place. And stays healthy.
Minerals that work miracles.
Every CLOUD NINE tool is made in South Korea, the only place in the world you can find our signature hair healing mineral, Sericite. It's an unstoppable moisture-locking mineral. For hair that’s stronger. Shinier. Smoother. Root to tip.
Plates that cushion, not clamp.
We’re clamping down on clamping hair, with Ceramic Floating Plates. Designed with Spring-Flex Technology™, plates adjust when closed. To cushion the impact of styling. And put an end to split ends.
Anti-static technology
We’re fighting frizz. With Anti-Static Technology. Designed to reduce the amount of negatively charged particles in every strand, blow dried hair is left spruced up. And smoothed down.
Upgrade your style

Innovate your style with the iron that's ahead of the curve. Our revolutionary 2-in-1 Contouring Iron Pro makes curling with irons smoother. Easier. Faster.


Never compromising style or the environment. Find out about our NINE COMMITMENTS.
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All pro. No con.

Premium Collection goes even further. To do better by hair CLOUD NINE technology at its best. Helping you look your best.
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