Straight hair with a braid

Because big and bouncy never goes out of style

The 90s blowout is a timeless hairstyle that is characterised as being big and bouncy. This classic look is great for day and night and has never been easier to create thanks to the CLOUD NINE Airshot Pro. The great thing about a 90s blowout is that it can last for days, so you won’t need to reapply any heat to your hair, keeping it shiny and healthy. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating the ultimate 90s blowout using our Airshot Pro.

How to do a 90s blowout with a hair dryer

1. Firstly, make sure your hair is freshly washed and roughly 75% dry. Apply heat protectant, our Magical Potion reduces heat damage whilst featuring a leave-in conditioner to nourish and strengthen the hair, so your style will shine. 

Tip: Use a volumizing spray, mousse or shampoo if your hair is particularly thin or straight and doesn’t hold curls that well. 

2. Section your hair, clipping the front section up and starting from the back take a Round Brush and wrap a mid to large section of hair around and under. Turn on the Airshot Pro and holding the hair dryer from above begin to dry the hair, slowly roll the brush down towards the face as the Airshot Pro follows. 

Tip: Hold the brush in place for a few seconds as the section of hair cools into the bounce you’ve created.

3. For the biggest and most voluminous of blowouts, after drying each section use rollers to secure the curl in place as it cools, or use your fingers to roll the section into a pin curl and secure with a clip whilst you repeat step two on the rest of your hair.

4. Once you’ve dried all of your hair using your Airshot Pro and round brush, let the hair fully cool, then remove your rollers and hair clips. Run your fingers through the curls and shake your head whilst upside down for even more oomph. 

Add a touch of hairspray to secure the blow dry in place and voilà - you’ve got the ultimate 90s blowout!

Why the Airshot Pro creates the perfect blow dry

The CLOUD NINE Airshot Pro boasts a range of innovative features and carefully formulated designs that help you achieve the 90s blowout of dreams.

  • Eco-Precision Motor - Provides more power, so you can dry your hair in less time, perfect for quickly styling your hair in the morning or for a night out. 
  • Variable Temperature Control - We know that when it comes to heat, less is more. The new and improved Airshot Pro features three temperature settings and three levels of power so you can dry at the healthiest heat for your hair. Meaning you can achieve the best blow dry without weakening your hair.  
  • Mineral-Infused Heating Element - The ceramic heating element is infused with our signature duo of moisture-locking minerals: Tourmaline and Sericite which seal the cuticle to protect the hair’s natural health, resulting in a 90s blow dry that is sleek and shiny.
  • Cool Shot - Perfect for setting your curls in place after drying them with a round brush. The Cool Shot button provides a short burst of cool air, meaning you’ll have a longer-lasting bounce. 
  • Anti-Static Technology - This helps reduce frizz and minimise flyaways, creating a sleek blowout the 90s runway models would be envious of.