Compare The Wands

The Curling Wand is the newest edition to our hair wave wand range, engineered with a variable temperature control, mineral-infused ceramic barrel, and swivel cord to create large bouncy curls to soft waves. The Waving Wand is complete, with a four-inch ceramic barrel designed to create soft waves and smooth curls.

Both wands have highly rated reviews, so knowing which one to opt for can be tough to choose. With similarities in appearance, what is the difference between these two good curling wands? Well, let us explain through our guide to the best wands for waves and curls. Consider all of your curling wand questions answered.

The biggest difference with the wands is the finish that you can achieve and the versatility of the tools.

The Waving Wand features a 4-inch wide barrel, making it the perfect tool to create beautifully waved hair, giving the effect of a big bouncy blow-dry. The width of the barrel makes it most suited to long hair.

The Curling Wand features a much smaller 1.3-inch barrel, so the size of the waves the Curling Wand creates is much tighter. The Curling Wand is the best curling wand for beach waves and curly tousled locks. The Curling Wand can be used on any hair length. The Curling Wand is, in our opinion, one of the best curling wands for beginners.

The below image shows the two wands in action.

The image on the left shows the finished look when brushed through the Waving Wand. The right shows the Curling Wand. As you can see from the comparison, the Waving Wand creates larger, looser waves, and both are great curling wands for long hair. Whether you’re looking for a curling wand for thick hair, short locks, or lengthy tresses, there's something to suit everyone's style preference.

If you’re still wondering which curling wand is best suited to your hair type, explore our full comparison of all of our Wands and look at our handy Wand Comparison Page. Secure a curling wand for short hair, long tresses, and straight or curly textures.