Repair services have to be ordered seperately to other products.


Repair services have to be ordered seperately to other products.


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We’ve combined skincare technologies. For complete results. The Rejuvenate Beauty Device enhances the natural processes of the skin from within. To achieve effective results for all skin types. And all concerns. All in one device.



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Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Light stimulation. For tight skin.
Cleanse Mode
Clearly clearer skin.
Unstoppable technology. To unclog pores. Cleanse Mode cleans pores deep down, reducing the appearance of breakouts without compromising on comfort. So you’re left with radically radiant skin.  
Ion Technology
Ionic technology. Iconic results.
Ion Technology uses positive and negative ions to deliver a range of results. From deep cleansing and slowing down the signs of aging, to aiding with the absorption of skincare.

And so much more...

Red Light Therapy.
Red Light Therapy to brighten and increase collagen production.
Conductive Gel.
Complimentary with CLOUD NINE Beauty tools to replenish and refresh. A skin-loving formula that reaches deeper into the skin's layers for more effective anti-ageing results.
Pulsating Vibrations.
Vibration stimulates muscles and improve contouring.
Import Setting.
ION- and radio frequency work together to help remove oil and impurities from pores and to stimulate production of collagen.
Blue Light Therapy.
Blue Light Therapy to kill acne-causing bacteria.
Clearly clearer skin.
Cleanse Mode unclogs pores deep down.

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Our goal: Unstoppable style. Revolutionary technology. Our products are designed with your hair in mind. It's why we've won over 300 awards and counting.

" I have been using this for a week and my face and neck feel firm and definitely tighter than before. "
Lizzie Bryan

Rejuvenate Beauty Device

Luxury Dustbag


Conductive Gel

Ideal For: Anti-ageing

Temp Settings: Cool Mode - 13C lower then normal temp. Heat mode- 42-46C.

Weight: 0.421kg

Vibration Intensity: 7300 rpm

Red Light Frequency: 650±5nm

Blue Light Frequency: 465±5nm

EMS Frequency: 2000 Hz

How do I turn on the device?
Press MODE button for 3 seconds to turn on the device.

How do I use Cleanse mode?
Remove all makeup and pre-cleanse your face with your preferred cleanser. Apply a pea sized amount of cleanser onto the cotton pad and slowly move the probe on the skin.

How often should I use the Rejuvenate?
Treatment frequency depends on skin type and texture however overuse of this device can result in skin dryness. Allow 48 hours between treatments to optimize the skins regenerative cycle.

How do I clean my device?
Clean the device with soft dry cloth after each treatment. Do not let any moisture or liquid penetrate inside the device. You can use cotton swabs to gently clean around the LED’s and probe.

How long does the charge last?
Fully charge before first use for 3 hours. The subsequent charging time is 2-3 hours.

How do I know if my device is out of charge?
When the battery indicator flashes, this means the battery is low. If the device buzzes twice and automatically turns off, please charge the device.

How do I charge my device?
Ensure that the transparent plastic adhesive films have been removed before charging. Ensure both terminals are clean and dry. Plug the AC adapter to the electric power supply and ensure that there is a clear connection between the handle and the charging base.

How do I use the Iron ring?
The Iron ring is used to fix the cotton pads for use during CLEANSE mode. The Iron ring can be left on the device or removed during the other device modes, it won’t affect the device function or performance.

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*Excludes The Original Cordless Iron which has only a 1 year warranty and a 6 month warranty for the battery.


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