Introducing the CLOUD NINE Original Hot Brush

Effortless second-day salon-level styling is at your fingertips thanks to the innovative CLOUD NINE hot brush. 

Designed to transform and tame at record speed, the CLOUD NINE Hot Brush is a quick and easy styling solution that guarantees smooth, sleek and shiny hair every time. 

The mineral-infused bristles create the signature shine, while the Hair Tame Tessellation™ puts pesky strays and flyaways firmly in the past. Use at home or on the go for impossibly silky strands. 

What is a hot brush?

A hot brush is a time-saving styling tool that offers a quick and easy way to tame frizz and flyaways while creating body, movement and shine for a salon-quality finish. 

Designed to glide through the hair from root to tip, the tool relies on unique bristle positioning and heat to tame frizzy hair. Its lightweight design makes it portable for styling on the go, making time-sensitive touch-ups effortless. 

What is the difference between a straightener and a hot brush?

Both a hot brush and a straightener are essential styling tools that help to tackle frizz for a flawless finish but while both deserve a place in your repertoire, they both work in very different ways. 

Firstly, they are visually very different, straighteners have dual exposed heat plates that smooth hair by clamping it from the top and the bottom while a hot brush has bristles with varying heat settings that work like a regular brush offering a gentler way to tackle kinks and frizz. 

The overall result is also different. A straightener will create a poker-straight finish or waves while a hot brush will create a sleek finish that has more body and movement or voluminous waves. Unlike straighteners, a hot brush can create volume and tame frizz in half the time. 

The right product for you will depend on your specific hair type and styling requirements, but if you desire smooth and frizz-free hair and you want to save time on styling your locks, a hot brush is a clever addition to your arsenal.

What makes the CLOUD NINE Hot Brush different?

The CLOUD NINE Hot Brush boasts several innovative features that set it apart from the rest to give you your healthiest hair yet. 

The Hot Brush design offers maximum styling with minimum heat to protect your hair day after day.  The grip is paramount when creating a sleek and shiny look, and this hot brush uses clever bristle placement to provide optimum grip with its non-slip design. This means you can create tension with ease for a look that’s styled to perfection. 

Regular styling can play havoc with your hair which is why this tool has five temperature options ranging from 110 to 190 degrees so you can choose the best one for you. This broad temperature range means you can take care of your most fragile strands without compromising on a frizz-free finish. 

For maximum shine, this tool is infused with minerals for only the glossiest aesthetic. Tourmaline and Sericite are combined in the heating element to create a moisture-locking seal for strands that are stronger and sleeker. Cleverly placed controls mean no accidental temperature changes while styling. Plus, the unique swivel cords give you more control over taming those hard-to-reach curls.

What types of hair work with the Hot Brush?

So what types of hair work best with a hot brush? The CLOUD NINE Hot Brush can be used on straight, wavy and curly hair to achieve that coveted sleek and smooth style. 

Everyone’s hair is unique, that’s why our hot brush features different temperature controls so you can use the ideal one for you. From coarse and curly to straight, the Hot bBush can be used to enhance your style. 

You can use a hot brush to transform flat and lifeless hair into voluminous waves or use it on frizzy curls to create silky straight strands. From short hot air brush styles to long and lustrous locks, the options are endless.

How to use the Hot Brush

Knowing how to use a hot brush correctly is essential if you want glossy tresses. Using the CLOUD NINE Hot Brush is easy: 

  1. Plug in your Hot Brush and let it reach the optimum heat for you
  2. Brush each section of dry hair before you use your hot brush and separate it into small sections
  3. To create that desired smooth and silky finish, begin at the root with the bristles facing upwards
  4. Guide the brush in a downward and outwards direction letting it glide to the ends of your hair, holding the tip of your hair to create tension until you reach the bottom
  5. Repeat on all sections of the hair to create a silky look! Salon-quality styling is yours at the touch of a button

So, there you have it, everything you ever needed to know about our revolutionary CLOUD NINE Hot Brush whether you wish to create hot brush curls or straight and sleek styles.