Disco Curls

Party Looks: Disco Curls

How to create the ultimate disco curls

Cloud Nine ambassador Renya Xydis shows us how to create Disco Curls using The Texture Wand.

Disco curls were popularized in the 70s and feature larger-than-life tight curls. The disco curl hairstyle is full of volume and consists of lots of small textured curls that take any day or evening look to the next level. If you want to achieve this maximalist hairstyle at home here’s how you can, using CLOUD NINE heat styling tools to create a salon-level look.

How to get Disco Curls: Step by Step

1. Select the preferred temperature on the Cloud Nine Mini Iron. Section hair into two horizontal parts.

2. Taking small sections, lightly spray with hairspray then wrap hair around the Cloud Nine Texture Wand.

3. Cup the curls in your hand, then neatly coil up and pin to the head to set.

4. Continue this curling technique around the head, ensuring to neatly pin each curl.

5. Allow curls to completely cool.

6. Unpin all curls. Start from the base of the hair and brush out with the Luxury Texture Comb.