How to create the big bouncy blow dry

"How do I create the big, bouncy blow-dry from home?" is one of the all time great hair styling enquiries.

CLOUD NINE hairstylist Angelica is here to show you how to achieve the bounciest, swish worthy blow-dry using CLOUD NINE tools.

The Bouncy Blow Dry

Step 1 - Apply a small amount of Magical Remedy through mid lengths and ends of damp hair to de-frizz and smooth

Step 2 - Mist Magical Potion heat protection spray evenly over hair

Step 3 - Apply Amplify spray through roots of hair to create volume

Step 4 - Begin to dry the hair with the CLOUD NINE Air Shot Pro, gliding the Bamboo Brush through the hair to de-frizz

Tip! Make sure the nozzle of your hair dryer is facing the same direction as your hair!

Step 5 - Turn on your CLOUD NINE Wide Iron Pro straighteners and set Revive mode

Step 6 - Section the hair into one inch pieces starting from the bottom

Step 7 - Glide the irons through your hair turning them as you go, making sure you add a slight bend through the ends

Step 8 - Pin these curls with clips to set, this will add volume and make your look last longer

Step 9 - Set with hair spray and let hair cool for 20 mins

Step 10 - Take out clips, flip your head upside down and shake out for extra volume and texture

Step 11 - Swish around all day!

Time saving hair hacks

Hair hack 1: Cool hair sets volume and creates gorgeous shine. Our Airshot and Airshot Pro have kinder to hair technology with variable temperature control and a cool shot button to reduce the heat and increase the fierce. Hair flip.

Hair Hack 2: Pin curl your hair. Residual heat from styling the hair will help create a bigger, bouncier curl. Pin your curls while still warm, wait until they are cool to release gently to get the optimum blow dry effect.

Hair Hack 3: Product and Prep! Heat protection is a must to keep hair looking glossy and gorgeous and it also helps to prep the hair for super charged styling. CLOUD NINE hair stylist Angelica uses Magical Potion Heat Protection Spray, Magical Remedy Mask and Amplify Spray to protect and prepare the hair before styling. Magical Potion keeps hair protected and conditioned while styling to prevent frizz and flyaways. Magical Remedy is a leave in conditioner to detangle and repair and Amplify creates full volume and hold. The triple threat!