On-Trend Winter Hairstyles with the CLOUD NINE Midnight Collection

Create showstopping looks with ease

Winter is a great time to showcase the latest hairstyle trends, from chic looks whilst exploring Christmas markets to getting yourself glam for the various festivities. There are plenty of trending winter hairstyles, so our experts at CLOUD NINE have put together step-by-step guides to achieving these looks, using the limited-edition Midnight Collection

Bouncy blow dry

A bouncy blow dry never goes out of style and has recently been making waves in the hair world as people across the internet share their tips and tricks on how to get the perfect bounce. Luckily for you, looking like you’ve stepped out of the salon has never been easier thanks to the Midnight Collection Airshot

1. Towel dry your hair after washing, spritz all over with our Magical Potion heat protection and any other hair styling products you require, then brush through.

2. Ensure your hair is mostly dry - about 75%, then use your Airshot to give your hair an overall rough dry. If you want extra volume, flip your head upside down and blast the roots to go against the natural direction of your hair and give it extra oomph.

Tip: Use a low to medium heat setting to rough dry your hair. You do not need maximum heat as you need moisture to style the bouncy curls and overheating will ruin your style. Our Variable Temperature Control on the Airshot means you can regulate the heat more easily than ever before.

3. Section your hair in medium to large sections, starting with the back of the hair. Then, using a barrel or round brush roll up to the root and slowly pull the brush down the length of the hair, curling inward, using your Airshot above to dry the hair into place. 

4. After each section is dry using the above method, curl the hair around your fingers and pin it into place. Work your way across all of your hair, leaving the front until last. 

5. Once you’ve done this on all your hair, leave the pins for approximately 15-20 minutes so the curls can cool (this helps them last longer). Then, gently unclip before brushing through and adding a serum or hairspray to reduce frizz and help the style last all day long.

Mermaid waves

Despite mermaid waves being associated with the beach, the summery look also looks great in winter, particularly cute under a woolly hat or falling down the back of your coat. These loose curls, a modern twist on the 00s crimp, can be created with our Midnight Collection Original Iron and Midnight Collection Wide Iron, depending on the thickness of your hair. 

  1. Start with dry brushed-through hair (do not straighten beforehand as this will decrease volume and make it harder to create the desired wave) and prep the hair with Magical Potion heat protection spray.
  2. Section your hair, then using your Original or Wide Iron take a small to medium strand of hair drop it into an ‘S’ shape, and let it fall into the cushions of the straighteners, these bends are important to create the mermaid wave. Repeat this moving lower down the length of the hair leaving a gap between each section that you hold with the straighteners. 
  3. Repeat this process across the entire head and finish with a texturising hairspray to hold the waves and keep volume. Run your fingers through the waves to break them up.

Polished ponytail

A sleek ponytail is a year-round look that works just as well for a day in the office as it does for a night on the town. A low or high ponytail is a great winter hairstyle and getting the polished look has never been easier thanks to the innovative technology in our brand-new Midnight Collection.

1. For best results, start with towel-dried hair and use the Airshot to give yourself a straight blow dry - making sure you add protective spray before applying any heat to your hair. To blow-dry your hair as smoothly as possible, aim the nozzle downwards starting from the roots working your way slowly down the hair. 

Did you know? Our Midnight Collection Airshot uses anti-static technology to reduce frizz.

2. Once you have dried your hair (or if you are starting with dry hair), section your hair and starting from the back/lower sections use your CLOUD NINE hair straighteners from root to tip slowly moving down. The mineral-infused plates lock in moisture creating the perfect silky locks perfect for tying up into a ponytail.

Curtain bangs

In 2023, it’s all about the bangs and you can create the perfect bounce to frame your face with our Midnight Collection.

Creating bangs with the Airshot:

  • After drying the rest of your hair, use a round brush wrapping the front section of your hair and starting from the root hold the Airshot above and slowly roll the brush down as you dry. 

Bouncy bangs with the Original Iron or Wide Iron:

  • Bringing your bangs into the centre of your face, take the hair straighteners and from the root move them down whilst turning outwards so the bangs will curl away from the face. 

With both methods, clip the bangs up after curling them and leave to cool for 10-15 minutes so your bounce will last all day.

The hairstyles you can create with the limited-edition Midnight Collection are endless - and easy. With features and innovative technology to keep your hair as healthy as possible, you can have hair that is as in good condition as it is glamorous.